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Ensuring Successful, Cost-Effective Market Introduction by Prototyping with Production in Mind

Prototyping is at the heart of all product creation.

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#1 Providing your sales and marketing teams with a near-production demonstrator

Your company needs orders in hand by the time your product goes into full production, and there is no better way to enable your sales and marketing teams than to provide them with a full-scale, fully functional, near-production demonstrator to show potential customers and investors at trade shows and on sales calls.

#2 Ensuring your product is truly ready for production

Oversights cost money. An oversight or flaw caught in the prototyping stage can be fixed and retested with relative ease and minimal cost. One that slips through the cracks and ends up in production in the hundreds, thousands, or millions of units could potentially be fatal, especially for startups and smaller businesses.

#3 Refining materials and manufacturing to minimize production costs

Large-scale manufacturing isn’t cheap, and the cost of tooling, materials, and labor all act in direct opposition to your company’s profitability. Sending a product to full production without pre-production prototyping is taking a shot in the dark and hoping things work out for the best.

#4 Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Pre-production prototyping, with a strong focus on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, takes the guesswork out and ensures that any opportunities to boost the efficiency of your manufacturing are identified, quantified and actioned. The result is that you can go to market with full confidence that you’re using the most cost-effective materials and manufacturing processes possible, minimizing your unit costs and maximizing your profits.


At PEP, that’s what we do. Prototyping is the core of our business, and our customers look to us and our unparalleled expertise in manufacturing to help them test and verify their products before spending the big bucks on full-scale production.

Our specialty is pre-production prototyping (PPP)

From early proof-of-concept pieces to alpha and beta prototypes to full pre-production units, we’re here to turn our clients’ vision into reality.

Our specialty is pre-production prototyping (PPP), where we can not only verify and refine our clients’ product designs, but the manufacturing processes used to create them as well. The end result is better products, better processes, and – most importantly – the elimination of wasted resources and expensive problems during full-scale production.

Featured Project

Real-World Success Case – Pre-Production Prototyping with GlobeChek

GlobeChek’s brilliant self-serve kiosks provide access to eye screening examinations in high-traffic locations like malls and airports so that underserved populations can get the screenings they need to catch preventable and treatable issues early on.

GlobeChek came to PEP to turn their brilliant vision (no pun intended) into a pre-production prototype, and we went to work bringing their impressive globe-shaped kiosk to life.

That was no small feat, as the kiosks are complex machines – a symbiosis of precision medical equipment, mechanical engineering, and American machining. Each fully computer-controlled kiosk contains all the precision ophthalmological equipment necessary to complete a full suite of eye examination tests.

We were able to provide GlobeChek with a fully functional pre-production prototype that they then successfully deployed at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference as a demonstrator and sales tool.

Our pre-production prototype was so true to final production that GlobeChek also used it for a successful pilot study they later presented at the International Research Summit.

“Our partnership with GlobeChek is a perfect example of the power of pre-production prototyping.”


Thank you to the partners and companies who make all of this possible.

What is PEP's definition of a PPP?

Power of PPP

Power of Pre-Production Prototyping

By partnering with PEP, GlobeChek was able to verify and refine their product design and manufacturing processes while also gaining a valuable pre-production tool they successfully used for sales and marketing and use-case verification.

What is Pre-Production Prototyping?

Whereas earlier-stage prototypes are intended as working models or preliminary demonstrations of a product, a pre-production prototype is designed to be as close to the final production product as possible.

As such, pre-production prototypes go well beyond just verifying product functionality to encompass testing of a huge range of other product aspects, from manufacturing processes, to intended production materials, component lists, assembly, maintainability, right up to safety factors and regulatory compliance.


It is, in essence, a production unit, but custom created in very low quantities to root out any last bugs and ensure that the product is manufactured as efficiently as possible. When a product successfully completes the pre-production prototyping stage, it’s ready to go.

Unlike proof-of-concept, aesthetic, or engineering prototypes, the goal of pre-production prototypes is to get a product to market. It’s the last step before a product is released for mass production, and as such, there is a lot riding on its success.

At PEP, all of our experienced machinists are trained in DFMA, and we take great pride in our ability to refine prototypes to create more efficient products and processes to save our clients significant money in the production phase.

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To put it simply,

A pre-production prototype tests and verifies everything that can be tested prior to going to production.

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By engaging in pre-production prototyping, you can ensure that the design you intend to send into full-scale production works exactly as intended and meets all the reliability, maintenance, and regulatory requirements that you need it to. Doing so helps to ensure you avoid problems down the line, like wasted batches, product recalls, or the reputation damage that sending a product to market prematurely can inflict.

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