Industries we serve include

Aerospace and Defense Prototyping

When it comes to the safety of Americans and the defense of our nation, there is zero room for compromise. That’s why the aerospace and defense industries trust PEP Prototypes for prototyping and low-volume production on their most highly complex, highly sensitive projects. From commercial aviation to space systems and beyond, PEP offers the high-tolerance production, professional service, and commitment to security required to get the job done right.

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Medical Device Prototyping

MedTech development represents some of the highest-stakes in manufacturing, with major investments involved and the health – or even lives – of patients on the line. It’s a high-pressure business, and PEP has an unrivaled reputation for handling that pressure with ease. We successfully develop, prototype, and produce some the most highly complex medical technologies, delivering clinic-ready products on-time and on-budget in a matter of months, not years.

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Semiconductor Prototyping

The entire world around us is now driven by integrated circuits, and as they continuously get smaller with the forward march of technology, semiconductor manufacturing becomes more complex. PEP Prototypes has the specialized facilities and the highly skilled team necessary to offer fabrication of silicon and compound semiconductors for use in a wide variety of commercial technology applications.

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Thank you to the partners and companies who make all of this possible.