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How We Compete

At Pep,

We view every part through engineering eyes.

We understand parts are not just a shiny piece of metal like other manufacturing companies perceive them to be, but those parts go into a bigger picture. That big picture is your world!

As fellow engineers, we understand companies undertake projects to achieve a benefit; whether implementing new software to improve productivity; developing a new piece of automation equipment to deliver to a customer or bringing the next disruptive innovative product to market.

At PEP, we’re not in business to meet the status quo. We’re here to push machining further, to push tolerances higher, to feed faster, and to cut more efficiently. We do that by staying on the cutting-edge of available technology and by ensuring our machinists never stop learning.



Modern CNC Manufacturing

Precision and Pursuit of an Ever-Moving Target

Computer numerical control has been driving manufacturing forward for over 60 years, but the technology enabling today’s CNC machines has become so advanced that, aside from the most basic principles, the capabilities of today’s machines bear little resemblance to their ancestors. That makes CNC machining a game of constant catch-up, and it can be easy to get left behind.

While some companies are content with being near the forefront of CNC technology, at PEP Prototypes, we aim to be right at the razor’s edge.

Thank you to the partners and companies who make all of this possible.

Our Toy Box

Pep Prototypes large CNC machine
Pep Prototypes Small CNC Machine
Pep Prototypes Medium CNC Machine

Mastering the Art of...

...Production CNC Machining

Production CNC machining is all about precision and repetition. The ability to create perfect, error-free parts over and over again is what makes CNC so powerful as a manufacturing technology, and at PEP, we’ve refined the process to tolerances so tight and to a level of efficiency so high that it’s almost a disservice to call it an art – because it’s very much a science.

From the toughest superalloys like Inconel to more traditional metals like aluminum to softer plastics, there is no material we can’t work with. But there is no one-size fits all solution to machining; the rapid strain hardening of Inconel, for instance, requires different considerations and techniques than the heat sensitivity of carbon fiber. But thanks to the most advanced equipment and the most experienced CNC machinists, we can create perfect parts out of these and almost any other material to the same exacting standards, time and time again.

We’re so confident in our mastery of the trade that we aim to take on the most difficult projects, producing the most difficult components, for the most demanding industries. And whether it’s an owner-operated startup or one of the world’s biggest aerospace companies, we put the same pride into the quality and precision of our work every single time.

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Quick Turn CNC Machining

When deadlines are rapidly approaching, and you need machined parts or products turned around ASAP, trust PEP’s quick-turn machining solutions to deliver the highest levels of quality and service at record speeds.

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Pre-Production Prototypes

PEP offers pre-production prototyping with an emphasis on design for manufacturing and assembly, ensuring your products are fully validated and 100% ready before heading to mass production.

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Low-Volume Manufacturing

Whether you need precision-machined parts, tooling, or fully developed products, PEP Prototypes’ low-volume manufacturing solutions are ideal for all your small-batch production needs.

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The forward march of technology is in a perpetual state of acceleration, and the tools and systems available in CNC manufacturing are constantly evolving. So, while we’ve mastered the art of CNC machining as it stands today, tomorrow it will be different.

As a result, it isn’t our current mastery that makes PEP Prototypes so special – it’s our unwavering commitment to improvement and learning to ensure we’re always ahead of the game wherever it may go. Thanks to that commitment, you can be certain that when you partner with PEP, you’ll never have to settle for yesterday’s quality while you help to support the American manufacturing of tomorrow.

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